Genuine Broaster Chicken® Spicy

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Perfectly spiced for each and every bite.


It’s the biggest news since Broaster® Company introduced the world’s favorite chicken, Genuine Broaster Chicken®. Since today’s adventurous consumers sometimes crave a little kick in their meals, we proudly introduce our newest addition, Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy. Made with a perfectly palate-pleasing blend of premium peppers and spices, it’s sure to please on-trend chicken lovers. The sizzling secret is in our ingredients, a combination of Hatch Chili, Habanero Peppers and Chipotle Chili. Add that to our success-proven marinade and coating, and you’ve got a taste that’s perfectly spiced with each and every bite. Alongside classic Genuine Broaster Chicken on your menu, Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy will offer an unbeatable one-two punch of profit potential.


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