Broaster Pressure Fryers

Pressure Fryer Benefits



Broaster Pressure Fryers are designed for safety, reliability and ease of use

Whether you currently Open Fry and want the cost-savings Pressure Fryers bring or are already Pressure Frying and looking for more innovative equipment, Broaster can power your foodservice operation.


Why Pressure Fry

  • More tender, juicy and flavorful foods
  • Less oil absorption, lower cook temp and reduced overall oil usage
  • Cooks faster under pressure, greater food production per machine for a better ROI


Why Choose Broaster

  • Known in the industry for the most durable and reliable equipment
  • SmartTouch Controllers make training and day-to-day operations easier
  • Built-in oil filtration system comes standard
  • Broaster features a 10 year warranty on Cooking Wells
  • Service Technicians prefer to work on Broasters, less hassle and time spent on-site


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