Undercounter freezer from Broaster

Broaster Undercounter Freezer

This freezer is the perfect addition to your cooking line. Place next to your Broaster Pressure Fryer and you have a selection of your frozen food products within an arms reach to increase your efficiency and productivity in the kitchen.

The undercounter freezer offers compact sizing with a roomy interior. All stainless steel exterior construction with a flat top for use in processing food. Lockable casters and  an easy-grab handle ensure the unit remains in place and is easy to open.


Standard Features

  • High performance refrigeration, superior cabinet construction, and unsurpassed insulation make this undercounter freezer the perfect accessory to any kitchen.
  • Slides easily under work counters, maximizing space for frozen food storage in the kitchen.
  • Guided airflow provides uniform temperatures in a 360o circle throughout the cabinet which makes it ideally suited for Broaster Foods frozen foods as well as any other frozen items, such as ice cream, pizzas, frozen vegetables, and more.
  • Self-contained system, no plumbing required.
  • Two long lasting adjustable, vinyl coated wire extra-deep shelves (23-1/2” x 17-1/2”) for greater storage capacity.
  • Minimum wattage heater in cabinet frame and door eliminates condensation at lowest energy rate.
  • Automatic evaporator fan motor delay during defrost cycle prevents warm air from circulating until coil cools down.
  • Recessed handle enhances this freezer aesthetically and functionally.

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