Trending this Summer: Crunchy Fried Chicken

A New Orleans fried chicken festival, featuring 35 food vendors from across the U.S. and expected to draw 100,000 attendees over two days? A trendy new fried chicken food festival in London, celebrating all things made from chicken and fried? Not coincidentally, both events are scheduled for later this summer.

In fact, this summer one of the hottest food trends is crunchy fried chicken, perfectly paired with dipping sauces or battered in a variety of different flavors. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. The appeal of fried chicken has long since gone beyond seasonality to become a popular year-round center-of-plate dish. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2017 What’s Hot survey of 1,200 chefs, fried chicken is cited as a perennial favorite – a comfort food that never goes out of style.

And the fast-food industry continues its obsession with fried chicken. Of the 100 biggest restaurant chains in the U.S., three of the five fastest-growing are chicken concepts. The chicken sector has been the No. 1 category in the fast-food business by purchase consideration since last April, when it eclipsed the burger sector.

Three reasons driving consumers’ demand for crunchy fried chicken this summer is its portability, versatility and ability to appeal to everyone in the family. Whether families take to the road for vacations, or decide to enjoy it out for dinner, they will be looking for easy and simple grab ‘n’ go food that satisfies the cravings of adults and the most finicky of children. Fried chicken can be customized by pairing it with dipping sauces or battering it in a variety of summertime flavors. Consumers recognize fried chicken as a proven favorite – a delicious, nutritious meal or snack that brings families together and creates enduring summer memories.


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