Broaster Company provides a “family” of businesses that assist restaurant, grocery store, and convenience store owners in adding trademark food program offerings without the franchise fees.

Through our lines of pressure fryers, prep stations and merchandisers, Broaster Equipment offers all the supplies and back-of-house materials operators need to get started.

Our variety of Trademark Food Program options allow owners to offer restaurant quality, quick-serve varieties and flavorful menu options to enhance their customers experiences.


learn more about Genuine Broaster ChickenGenuine Broaster Chicken® supplies the freshest available chicken and proprietary ingredients that pair perfectly with our own unique cooking process. The end result is an amazing aroma and incomparable taste that chicken lovers crave.


Learn more about Broaster ExpressFor convenience store owners, Broaster Express® is the top choice to meet your foodservice needs. It’s the perfect meal or snack satisfaction for people on the go. It’s an unbeatable line-up of grab ‘n’ go deliciousness that will keep customers coming back again and again.


Learn more about Rock County SmokehouseRock County Smokehouse® is a turnkey, neighborhood-favorite, offering of delicious BBQ. Ribs, pulled pork, and brisket seasoned to perfection with a proprietary rub of blended spices, then real wood-smoked to provide customers an authentic experience from any location.


Broaster’s award-winning E-Series 24G cooks the MOST amount of chicken in the LEAST amount of time, with the LEAST amount of energy using the LEAST amount of labor, oil, and hood space!

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Have you been to @billsplacelgp in La Grange Park, Illinois?

Since 1984, Bill’s Place has been serving up the area’s finest beef, burgers, gyros, pizza, salads, appetizers, AND Broasted Chicken!

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We hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend and that you get to enjoy some #GenuineBroasterChicken! 🇺🇸

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#FAQFryDay: What Is The Difference Between A Franchise Program And A Trademark Program?

The #ChickenExperts know!
A trademark program is between licensor and licensee, identifies trademark(s), how the trademark can be used, identifies products/services and how they are to be used, includes a geographic territory in which licensee may operate and sell products, and provides quality control with clear stands as to the nature and quality of the licensed trademark product/service.

A franchise program allows the franchisor to grant rights to operate under franchise regulations including right to utilize the franchisors trademarks, trade dress and business systems. This agreement includes territory rights, operation procedure mandates, initial and on-going fees often called “royalty” fees. Marketing fees and obligations, restrictive covenants and non-competes are also required.

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Obsessed is an understatement 😍

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Caterers, Jerry and Margie Sweeting, brought out their Broaster Trailer for the Lone Tree Fire & Rescue Chicken Dinner Fundraiser that took place on Wednesday, April 24 at the American Legion in Lone Tree, Iowa. 

Inside the trailer Jerry and his crew coated fresh chicken with a flour mixture and lowered the meat into the Broasters. 

This year's funds will go towards an emergency lifting cushion, a Lucas Chest Compression System, and battery operated extrication tools for the department.

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Check out our This or That challenge at the @nationalrestaurantshow 😎 Which side are you picking?

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Today is the last day of the @nationalrestaurantshow !

💥Make you're way to booth #3801 for some delicious #GenuineBroasterChicken and then visit the KI Award Showroom #3695 to see our E-Series 24G!

These clips speak for themselves 😏 Stop at booth #3801 for some juicy & crispy #GenuineBroasterChicken @nationalrestaurantshow #BetterBeBroaster
Check out this little tour of our Broaster booth @nationalrestaurantshow 🤩 Come & see what the hype is about! #GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
Day 2 of the @nationalrestaurantshow ‼️

Stop at booth #3801 for some #GenuineBroasterChicken and then make your way down to the KI Award Showroom, booth #3695 to see our award-winning E-series 24G! 

Follow us through the @nationalrestaurantshow as we go from the KI Award Showroom to find the Broaster Chicken booth😎 #GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster #2024restaurantshow
We're at the @nationalrestaurantshow 🎉

Let your first stop be at Booth 3801 for demos and some juicy #GenuineBroasterChicken. Make sure to also visit the Kitchen Innovation Award Showroom to see our award-winning E-Series 24G! 🏆

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See you tomorrow at the @nationalrestaurantshow 🎉

📍If you want some #GenuineBroasterChicken, come see us at Booth 3801 and then head on over to the Kitchen Innovation Award Showroom to see our award-winning E-Series 24G.

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You bet it is!

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