E-Series Pressure Fryers

Evolutionary in every way! It’s time to set a new standard for safe and efficient pressure frying equipment. At Broaster Company, that’s precisely what we’ve accomplished with our newest line of premium pressure fryers: The E-Series.

Broaster Company is proud to introduce the next generation of pressure fryers, the E-Series, featuring enhanced efficiency in both electric and gas models! Simply, they’re the most advanced pressure fryers in the category.

E-Series 18

E-Series 18G

  • Highest Energy Efficiency in Pressure Fryer Category
  • One-touch Cook Cycle
  • Automatic Controlled Pressure Release
  • More Production Capacity
  • Advanced Filtering Technology
  • On Board Oil Replenishment
  • Automatic Oil Filtration Between Cook Cycles
  • Bulk Oil Handling
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller