Comparing the Top Hot Quick-Service Food Programs

Quality. Convenience. Variety. These are the demands of hungry customers who look to convenience stores to satisfy their cravings for mouthwatering chicken. And the demand keeps growing and growing.

Chicken has been trending upward as the most consumed meat on the market for many years now, so it’s no secret that more people than ever want fried chicken in all its forms served hot and fresh across all day parts.

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With convenience stores everywhere clamoring to add fried chicken (or more fried chicken varieties) to their menus, it begs the question: “what’s the most profitable way to do this in order to gain a competitive advantage?”

The answer to this question (in our opinion) is to find a proven, quick-service food program that best fits your c-store’s business needs, but we also know that this process can be a little daunting.

After all, where do you start? At Broaster, we’ve done our best to simplify this process for you by compiling all the information you’ll need to find the best solution for your c-store in a single, handy chart. Feast your eyes…

compare hot food programs


As you can see in the graph above, it’s never been easier to compare and contrast the different aspects of quick-service food programs.

And, as you browse through which of these aspects are most important to your operation…it’s clear that Broaster Express’s trademarked food programs have a lot to offer – even in comparison to our closest competitors.

Only Trademarked Food Program with a Restaurant Heritage

Let’s start by focusing on quality. Why is it important?

Well, low-quality or even just average-quality food products are bad for business. They result in poor customer experiences and turn people away from your c-store rather than draw them toward it.

Just imagine how much more profitable you could be if rather than offering the same sub-par foods as most c-stores, you had a top-notch grab ‘n go menu to keep customers coming back time and time again?

At Broaster Express, our premium food menu offers a quality advantage you can literally taste.

As the only trademarked food program on the market with deep roots in the restaurant channel (specifically the supper clubs of the Midwest), our quality standards are unmatched amongst competitors like Krispy Krunchy, Chester’s, or Champs.

Quick-Service Food Programs that are Truly Turnkey

Sure – several of our competitors can claim to offer turnkey food program solutions, but really…it’s all about what “turnkey” means to you.

To Broaster Express, turnkey means offering the ability to seamlessly execute on a food concept from start to finish, with your unique operational challenges and needs in mind. That’s why we pride ourselves on being as versatile a vendor partner as you need us to be.

From selecting your menu to defining ingredients to choosing cooking equipment to providing operational support, we make it easy to integrate our concepts into your store environments.

Plus, unlike Krispy Krunchy, Chester’s, or Champs, Broaster is the only trademarked food program provider that manufactures our own cooking appliances, giving us a much deeper understanding of quick-service food execution and more confidence in our ability to train and equip your staff.

We’re also often asked about the associated fees attached to our programs, but with Broaster Express, we don’t go that route. We collect no franchise, royalty, or licensing fees, so you get to keep all your own profits – just like it should be.

Customization with Your Business in Mind

Most of our competitors are fairly rigid in requiring you to carry their full menu items. In some cases, this may work fine…but when it comes to introducing a new quick-service food program into your convenience store, one fits does NOT fit all.

When a “one size” approach doesn’t fit, it puts a strain on labor and costs more by drastically reducing your ability to store, execute, and sell through product at an ideal level. This inevitably leads to drops in customer experiences and sales.

At Broaster, we get it, so we build flexibility into our food programs. Our operators can customize their program as much or as little as they want, giving you more control over your menu and execution based on how much kitchen/cooler/food prep space you have, the availability/skill of your labor, and what your traffic numbers look like.

All in all, compared to other quick-service food program providers like Krispy Krunchy, Chester’s, and Champs, Broaster offers a multitude of different options to help you serve fresh, great-tasting food…and most importantly, allows you to do more on your own terms.

Want to Learn More?

If you want more information on Broaster Express’s trademarked food programs, or are interested in becoming an operator, don’t be chicken…request a quote online today!


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Ventless Fryer: Return on Investment & Benefits

With the use of one of our Ventless Fryers, our customer was able to: 
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🔴 Add additional menu items to their menu, besides wings
🔴 Target the millennial audience because of their new menu items

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#FAQFryDay: Does Genuine Broaster Chicken offer training?

The #ChickenExperts know!
Yes, when you become an operator, you will have access to our training experts along with training materials and our national marketing team!

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