Broaster VF2 with smarttouch

Ventless Countertop Fryer VF-2 with Smart Touch

Model VF-2 ventless fryer includes round cooking well with 14 pound cooking oil capacity. Unit is primarily stainless steel monocoque construction with black, welded and powder-coated steel base plate. Interior cooking well tray is designed to capture spills up to 15 cups. Heating element is fully immersible with lift-and-lock mechanism for easy cleaning.

SmartTouch Touch Screen Controller provides a programmable library with pre-loaded menu items and an automatic cook-cycle counter. Auto-comp feature automatically adjusts cooking time to accommodate for varying sizes and temperatures of load. On-screen prompts assist users in operation and maintenance functions.

Unit is fitted with the following additional safety features: integrated ANSUL fire suppression system including on-board canister and two fusible links in cooking and air-handling zones to meet NFPA 17A standards; redundant electrical controls managed by two interlocked contactors; fail safe high-limit thermostatic control with manual and remote reset features.

Three-stage air filtration system is powered by a ball bearing radial blower moving 55 CFM of air through the cooking chamber. System includes an easily removable and washable centrifugal grease extraction and flame suppression filter. There is also a two stage replaceable air filter cartridge. Filter cartridge captures over 80% of allowable particulate emissions and includes high grade HEPA media and activated carbon.

Equipment is covered by manufacturer’s 1 year parts and labor warranty on all systems with additional 1 year on controller parts.


Standard Features

Easy to operate – SmartTouchTM Touch screen controller features a large, full color, touch screen display with easy to navigate menu and ability to pre-program up to 100 menu items.

Unique Auto-CompTM – automatically adjusts cooking time to accommodate for varying sizes and temperatures of loads.

Space-Saving design for back-counter operation.

Specifically designed for convenient production – cooks up to 2 pounds per load.

Built-in fire suppression system in accordance with NFPA 17A and resettable high temp limit switch for added safety.

No hood required in most municipalities.

HEPA and charcoal 2-stage air filter cartridge for ventless operation.

Easy to clean – all interior components are easily removed and dishwasher safe.

Proven round cooking well design – engineered for more uniform heat distribution, durability, and efficiency; no cold spots or corners.

Auto-Lift ensures consistent product output by automatically lowering the cooking basket at the beginning of the cook cycle and raising the basket at the end.

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