Have You Viewed a Virtual Broaster Cooking Demonstration?

Virtual Cooking Demos

Once upon a time in normal circumstances, Broaster Equipment/food demos were held at our operators’ (or potential operators’) request in live environments like tradeshows, test kitchens, mobile demonstration vehicles, you name it.

But, since the spring of 2020 when the global pandemic hit, normal circumstances are awfully hard to come by. Like every other business, Broaster has had to adapt to the many unexpected challenges of our modern landscape.

So, with many people still expressing great interest in our cooking demonstrations, the question was not “if” our company should still offer this beneficial experience…but “how” we should do it?

Well, we’ve determined the best, safest way to go about this is to provide you with valuable foodservice cooking  equipment demonstrations, trainings, and updates is to create engaging, interactive virtual video experiences for your viewing convenience.

How Broaster Cooking Demonstration Videos Work:

We know it’s tough to shop for new restaurant equipment with everything going on in our world. We also know that a restaurant owner/manager’s schedule is always changing.

This is exactly why a Broaster Virtual Cooking Demonstrations is an ideal solution for those looking to purchase new cooking capabilities or upgrade their commercial cooking platforms and build their knowledge quickly.

We start with a quick overview of the cooking equipment or food product being demoed and describe the need it fills for you and your customers within the marketplace.

Next, we get into the fun stuff: watching the equipment in action. Our very own Chef Ken or another member of the Broaster team talks through the in’s and out’s of each  fryer or smoker setup, operation, maintenance, and shutdown.

Then, we wrap by tasting and describing the fantastic flavor and texture of our mouthwatering food products that were just cooked to perfection.

And lastly, we open it up for a Q&A session to give you the chance to get the answers you need on anything we may not have covered.

Advantages of the Virtual Cooking Environment:

1) View the Demo from Anywhere, Anytime You Want

We know how busy you are. Unlike an in-person demo, our videos can be viewed whenever it fits into your crazy schedule from your office, on your phone, heck – watch from your couch if you want. We won’t judge…

2) Schedule a Live Training & Keep It for Reference

Our team can also work with you to schedule live trainings via two-way live video chat on Zoom or other preferred platform. We’ve worked with operators across the country to accomplish this and have received great feedback.

Plus, unlike an in-person training, we can send your team a digital copy of the training to use as a reference tool.

3) Get Closer to the Action

Another great advantage of virtual vs. in-person cooking demonstrations is that you can get a closer look at the action with both wide camera framing for context as well as tight shots for all the nitty gritty details.

In many cases, you can get a better view of the details than you’d be able to see in-person, where it can be hard to see in a group setting.

The virtual environment lends itself nicely to showcasing detailed information easily and efficiently.

Ready to Register?

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