Save 25% on Energy Costs

Save 25% on Energry Costs with the new E-Series from Broaster

The pressure fryer revolutionized the fried chicken business nearly a century ago, and now Broaster Company is setting a new standard for safety and efficiency.

Thanks to a long list of innovative features that simplify operation, reduce energy consumption and extend oil change intervals, the new E-Series premium pressure fryers help restaurants save in three important ways.


Compared to Broaster’s traditional 1800 gas fryers, the new E-Series 18G can reduce gas energy consumption by roughly 25%. For the typical mid- to high-volume operation, that can equate to annual savings of $63 to $196 per fryer.

The secret is the E-Series 18G’s game-changing engineering that allows cooking at a 20°F lower temperature with no loss of production output and product quality.


There’s another benefit to cooking at a lower temperature. “Because the oil is being heated to a lower temperature, it doesn’t break down as quickly,” says Ken Folisi, field operations development leader at Broaster Company. By leveraging the lower temperature cooking and using the auto oil filtering features, one can gain several extra days of useful oil life. That translates into typical annual savings of $203 to $558 per fryer. Double that using today’s highly inflated oil cost.


A longer oil change interval helps reduce the labor costs associated with changing oil. The new E-Series 18G helps restaurants save on labor in other ways, too. Features like automatic oil filtration between cook cycles, automatic onboard oil replenishment, auto-controlled pressure release and auto-controlled cooking time adjustments help reduce time spent training and supervising. Most importantly, employees are more productive. A restaurant could save anywhere from 15-30 minutes per day per fryer in labor. Considering an hourly wage of $10-$15 per hour, that translates to an annual savings of $910 to $2,730 per fryer.


Approaching $3,500 per year

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