Watch a Broaster Equipment Demonstration

It’s hard to shop for new restaurant equipment right now with all the pandemic related restrictions, safety precautions and all the big Tradeshows being cancelled. So we decided to come to you with our Broaster Equipment Demonstrations. The team at Broaster Company put together a series of live demonstrations that you can now view from the comfort of your office, couch or kitchen whenever it is convenient for you.

When you click on a video to view it will ask for your name and email address – Don’t worry, Katie in our Marketing Department won’t spam you with tons of emails. If anything, she will follow up to see if you had any questions and provide you with a point of contact in case you need us. You’ll like her, she’s really nice.

All New Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryers

It’s time to set a new standard for safe and efficient pressure frying equipment. At Broaster Company, that’s precisely what we’ve accomplished with our newest line of premium pressure fryers: The E-Series.
Watch the Broaster E-Series Pressure Fryer Demonstration

Broaster Pressure Fryers

LAM Phelan invented the first commercial pressure fryer back in 1953 and then founded the Broaster Company. The Broaster Pressure Fryer is known for it’s reliability, ease of use and durability. These units come with a 10 year warranty on our cooking wells, that’s the industry’s best.
Watch the Broaster Pressure Fryer Demonstration

Smokaroma Pressure Smoker

Did you know Broaster has a Pressure Smoker, too? And that you can smoke a few pork butts or brisket in about 2.5 hours? This little piece of equipment can expand your menu beyond your traditional fare and offer new flavor profiles to some customer favorites.
Watch the Smokaroma Pressure Smoker Demonstration

Ventless Applications

If you don’t have a traditional hood system in your kitchen or are looking to add foodservice to your location, this is the video for you. We explore the Broaster Ventless Hood System that you can place a Broaster Pressure Fryer under and make delicious bone-in chicken and other products. Or if you are looking for a freezer to fryer menu, the Broaster VF-3 Ventless Fryer is a great unit that can instantly add food to your establishment. Perfect for bars, taverns, breweries, concession stands, and so many other non-traditional locations.
Watch the Ventless Applications Demonstration

No matter what type of equipment you need for your kitchen, the experts at Broaster Company can help assist you! Contact us today for more information.