What is Broaster? Part 3

What is Broaster

Creator of marketable, high-quality food programs

Broaster Company understands it takes more than great food to build a successful foodservice business. Success hinges on quality, consistency and operational efficiency.

“Our objective is to provide a complete turnkey solution to help meet a particular operator’s needs,” says Greg West, Broaster Company’s senior vice president of marketing and food innovation. “Our turnkey solutions are particularly well-suited to those looking to add a high-quality hot food menu platform to an existing restaurant, convenience store, grocery store, food truck, snack shop, etc.”

Genuine Broaster Chicken. explore genuine broaster chicken

Years ago, being in the fried chicken business meant offering that classic 8-piece, bone-in chicken product. Today, a chicken menu can also include wings, tenders, nuggets and sandwiches, along with a focused scope of popular sides like biscuits, mac-n-cheese and potato wedges. All of these items fall under the flagship Genuine Broaster Chicken brand that is geared toward restaurants. Considering all of the chicken types, not to mention the various rubs and marinades and sauces, a restaurant can add a diverse chicken offering to its menu quite efficiently.

As part of the GBC program, an operator can choose a Broaster Equipment pressure fryer based on the volume of chicken they anticipate producing. Accessory equipment such as prep stations, hold cabinets and dump tables are also part of the program, as are a variety of carryout packaging and point-of-sale merchandising systems.

Broaster Express.explore broaster express

This program is similar to the GBC program, but is tailored toward the convenience store channel where kitchen space is often limited. While larger operations can choose a higher-capacity Broaster Equipment pressure fryer, many convenience stores opt for a tabletop ventless fryer. Merchandising systems are also tailored toward convenience stores.

Rock County Smokehouse.

explore rock county smokehouse

This is Broaster Company’s turnkey solution that allows operators to get into the BBQ business. At the heart of this program is the company’s innovative Smokaroma that pressure-cooks and wood-smokes a variety of meats in a fraction of the time of traditional slow-cooking methods. Rock County Smokehouse also leverages a collection of unique rubs and sauces to create a one-of-a-kind BBQ offering. Merchandising tools and apparel are also part of the program, as well as additional advertising and training support.

All the support without all the extra costs

With all of these branded, turnkey food programs from Broaster Company, operators reap all the benefits of a traditional franchising operation — without having to pay all of those typical franchising fees like annual renewals and royalty fees.

To capitalize on one of Broaster Company’s trademarked food programs, operators just need to adhere to some basic policies in order to maintain product quality and brand integrity in their respective markets:

  • Utilize the appropriate Broaster Equipment tied to the program
  • Utilize the proprietary Broaster Foods components
  • Utilize the appropriate merchandising equipment, packaging and signage

Pretty simple, really. And besides, these programs have been carefully developed to set operators up for quick and lasting success in the foodservice business.

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Broaster Company distributors work around the world to be your resource for equipment, food, & everything dealing with Broaster Company & Genuine Broaster Chicken. 

Some of our distributors took a little time at the @nationalrestaurantshow to introduce themselves & tell you their favorite things about Broaster Company!

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You already know our Broaster 1800 Pressure Fryer offers the best combination of production capacity and space efficiency! 🔥

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You heard it here first! 📢

Interested in our high-quality pressure fryers but already have your own chicken brand? That’s OK! You don’t have to be a trademark operator to use our equipment. 

Want to use Broaster Pressure Fryers & create your own private label program? We can help you with that, too! Broaster has a team of foodservice professionals to assist with developing custom menus, coating blends and a foodservice program that is perfect for your larger, multi-unit operation.


Visit us here —> & we can recommend what program fits best based on your needs.

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💥 For convenience store owners, Broaster Express is a top choice to meet your foodservice needs! 💥

The Broaster Express® Branded Food Program features our exclusive Broaster Ventless Fryers or our Broaster Pressure Fryers, delicious top-quality, ready-to-cook Broaster Foods®, unique flavor profiles and nationally recognized branding. We also offer a full line of appetizers and dipping sauces. 

It’s an unbeatable line-up of grab ‘n’ go deliciousness that will keep customers coming back again and again.

We can recommend what program fits best based on your needs! 

Get in contact with us today 👉

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The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker combines the modern scientific method of pressure cooking with pressure smoking to create delicious, juicy smoked foods. 

 🔺Pressure smoking can reduce shrinkage by up to 40%
 🔺Smoke up to 45 pounds of ribs in under 90 minutes
 🔺Small footprint compared to traditional smokers

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Genuine Broaster Chicken is truly one-of-a-kind chicken! 🤩

See some of our favorite reactions —> 

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Don’t judge me, this chicken is too damn good 🤫

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About Our Trademark Food Program

In order to offer customers world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken, operators must comply with the following requirements:

🔺Prepare your fresh chicken using our exclusive Chickite® or Supreme® Marinade or purchase Chickite Plus premarinated chicken and Slo-Bro® Coating
🔺Follow all preparation and cooking guidelines
🔺Cook your fresh chicken in a proprietary Broaster Pressure Fryer
🔺Have a signed, licensed trademark operator agreement on file with Broaster Company

And the best part - there's no marketing fees, franchise fees or royalties!

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Are you looking for the BEST fried chicken to enjoy on #NationalFriedChicken day?

Check out Genuine Broaster Chicken 😮‍💨😍

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Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

We hope you get to celebrate eating some juicy Genuine Broaster Chicken! 

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Broaster Company offers branded food concepts that increase customer traffic and generate bigger profits!

This is truly one-of-a-kind chicken. And the only one that delivers memorable meal experiences for customers. It’s Genuine Broaster Chicken®, and it’s been a trusted iconic brand for more than 70 years. 


Contact us —> & we can recommend what program fits best based on your needs!

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If you’re ever in Parma, Ohio, make sure to stop at Marsella’s Pizza! Their pizza dough and sauce are handmade fresh everyday!

Along with their award-winning pizza, they offer a full menu with a wide selection of your favorite foods including mouth-watering Genuine Broaster Chicken, delicious ribs, pasta, sub sandwiches, specialty salads & more!
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Our most popular Pressure Fryer model is our Broaster 1800!

The Broaster 1800 was designed for maximum space efficiency & can produce up to 14 lbs. of fresh chicken per load.

Standard Features:
💥Fast and productive
💥Unique pressure activated cover locking mechanism
💥Proven round cooking well design
💥Fully welded cooking well
💥Easy to operate
💥Unique Auto CompTM feature
💥Automative cook cycle counter
💥Built-in filter system
💥Touch screen controller option available

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