Comparing the Top Pressure Fryers on the Market

Although there are many ways to cook chicken, make no mistake – nothing can match the flavor and efficiency of pressure fried chicken. It’s crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and (when it’s Broasted chicken) it satisfies hungry customers and keeps them coming back for more.

So, when it comes time to choose a cooking appliance, make sure you’re in the market for a pressure fryer. Your customers will thank you.

However, we also know that evaluating your pressure frying equipment options can be tough, so that’s why at Broaster, we’ve provided a simple, transparent way to provide the right solution for your kitchen.

Let’s take a look at the larger capacity models, shall we?



As you can see in the chart above, it’s never been easier to compare pressure frying equipment apples to apples. View full size chart.

And, as you can also see, Broaster pressure fryers are the premium, best-in-class option in most categories…with new product innovations in the works, all the time.

Equipment Reliability

At Broaster, we’re very confident in the quality of our pressure fryers as well as the delicious, mouthwatering chicken they produce…and for good reason!

We have a strong reputation for long-lasting equipment. Compared to our Henny Penny, BKI or Winston Products, Broaster Pressure Fryers are uniquely engineered for easy servicing and maintenance to save your service technician time and you money.

Our equipment also features a round cooking well to ensure even heat distribution and thorough cooking with every use. That means no more cold or uncooked spots on your chicken for less waste and a better end product.

Overall, Broaster equipment is the best value for your money. Plus, we back our fryers up with 10-Year Cooking Well, 2-Year Controller, and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranties – the best warranties on the market by far – for some added piece of mind.

After all, you have enough to worry about when running your business. Let your Broaster Pressure Fryer be one less bit of stress.

Low Oil Capacity…High Output

When it comes to keeping up with orders during peak times, you need the ability to produce high volumes of consistently great food…at a consistently fast pace. But when it comes to safer, cleaner, and less wasteful cooking practices…less is more (less oil, that is!).

Broaster Pressure Fryers offer the best of both worlds. While other equipment brands like Henny Penny, BKI, or Winston Products may offer the same or similar food product capacities (approx. 6-8 heads of chicken), our pressure fryers use significantly less oil than our next-best competitor.

Plus, all our pressure frying models come standard with built-in oil filtration. While alternative pressure frying equipment like BKI models may have this as well, it’s a premium-option only, while Winston Products require additional, external filtration systems to handle oil.

Lower oil consumption, high outputs, and built-in oil filtration that comes standard? That’s the Broaster difference.

In fact, our newest innovation the Broaster E-Series 24G cooks the Most amount of chicken, using the Least amount of Oil, Energy, Labor and Hood Space! The E-Series 24G is so revolutionary that it was awarded a 2024 Kitchen Innovation Award. The automated features and labor savings our E-Series of pressure fryers have like Auto Lift and Auto Filtration Between Cycles make for a more efficient operation.

Proud Heritage Story

As the original inventor of the pressure fryer, our Founder L.A.M Phelan merged the highest quality and flavor of chicken with rapid cooking speeds to create the magic that can only be known as Broasted Chicken.

At Broaster, we continue this proud legacy today by designing our pressure fryers with the end user in mind. Aside from the aspects already mentioned above, we’ve taken our classic concept and made a variety of subtle improvements to help support the needs of our operators.

For example, our equipment offers significantly less shipping weight compared to most Henny Penny, BKI, and Winston models, is energy-efficient with both gas or electric models, and features intuitive Broaster SmartTouch controllers for simple programming and adjustment.

Let’s face it – it’s hard to beat the original. And Broaster flat-out provides the best value for your money, so ask yourself: why would I go with anyone else?

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#FAQFryDay: Can you make Genuine Broasted Chicken at home?

The #ChickenExperts know!
No, true Genuine Broasted Chicken is cooked in a commercial grade pressure fryer, manufactured by Broaster Company, using  Broaster Company proprietary ingredients and signing a Trademark Agreement to advertise it as Genuine Broasted Chicken.

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Nice & Crispy!
🎶 Those words are music to our ears.

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~ Executing the rollout of our Ventless Fryer in 200+ locations in about 6 months ~

Broaster Ventless Fryer Features:
- Plug and play for operator
- Customized fryer display
- Fryers were pre-programmed with cook times and temperatures
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Want to become an operator?

Broaster is your one-source solution for your foodservice needs. Known in the industry for holding the patent for the first commercial pressure fryer, Broaster has evolved beyond just an equipment manufacturer to a leader in branded food programs. 

Not sure which program is right for you? #BetterBeBroaster #BroasterChicken
Contact us and we can recommend what program fits best based on your needs.

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Broaster Legacy Series -- Tried. True. Tested.

Our state-of-the-art pressure fryers cook foods under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in:

🔴 More tender, juicy and flavorful foods
🔴 Less oil absorption and reduced overall oil usage
🔴 Greater food production per machine for a better ROI

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Checkout these two Broaster Pressure Fryers!
The American Legion in Mattoon, Illinois has had one of their pressure fryers since 1985 and recently got a second one installed. 

We love when our operators expand with a new machine that works right alongside their original machine. #GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
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#FAQFryDay: What is the difference between Broasted and fried chicken?

The #ChickenExperts know!
Broasted chicken is battered and cooked in oil as well, but deep fried in a pressure cooker. It instantly locks in all the juices by immersion process cooking all sides of meat and once. One of the main differences between baking and frying is the heat source used to cook the food.

Broasted chicken is a trademark of the Broaster Company because we were the first to the bring pressure-fried, proprietary marinated chicken to the market and trademark the result!  If it sounds familiar, KFC claims a secret recipe for pressure-fried chicken as well, but cannot call it Broasted chicken because they don’t own the trademark.  The Broaster Company does partner with operators to serve Broasted chicken by following our program, using Broaster pressure fryers, and Broaster proprietary ingredients. #BetterBeBroaster #GenuineBroasterChicken #RestaurantIndustry
Craving #GenuineBroasterChicken?

Find some fresh, juicy, crispy pressure fried chicken near you on our store locator on our website! #BetterBeBroaster
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