Ventless Hood

Broaster Ventless Hood System

Ventless hoods clear the air from the cooking fumes, grease, smoke, and odor by using a fan with charcoal filters. Unlike ducted models, these types of range hoods filter the air from odor and smoke and recirculate the clean air back into the kitchen.


Standard Features

  • Compact and versatile- one-of-a-kind stainless steel hood provides the necessary vapor removal requirements for all current electric models of Broaster® pressure fryers.
  • Simple to install- eliminates the need for expansive roof modifications and the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors supplying separate hood and electrical systems.
  • Safe- includes built-in Ansul R-102 fire suppression system with piping, nozzles (appliance and plenum), and conduit routing the fusible link cable through the hood.
  • Effective- innovative triple-filter system with updraft technology designed to trap grease particles, eliminate condensation, remove smoke and reduce cooking odors.
  • Safety feature—interlocking start feature does not allow hood and equipment to work separately.
  • Visual—color coded, lighted alert system included to ensure system is running safely and efficiently.

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