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What is Broaster? Part 2

Manufacturer of innovative kitchen equipment Broaster Company patented its first pressure fryer back in 1954. Over the next 65-plus years, the company has continually made its pressure fryers better, safer and more efficient. Broaster has also broadened its equipment offering to include a variety of kitchen accessory items, as well as innovative equipment to help […]

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What is Broaster? Part 1

One-source solution provider for hot foodservice businesses Broaster Company has been known for its mouth-watering fried chicken for more than 65 years. What makes the company so unique, however, are all of the tools, services and support that surround that scrumptious staple of the American dinner table. “We are in business to bring solutions to […]

What is Broaster? Part 1

Make Broaster Part of Your Brand

We get it — you’re hot stuff. You’re a food front-runner, a taste titan, a chomping champ, a luncheon leader. You make other restaurant owners quiver in their boots as you defy expectations, creating the type of dining experience that satisfies your customers completely —yet always leaves them craving more. But you’re also open to […]

Broaster chicken with Genuine Broaster Chicken logo on carving board