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Sneak Peek: Official Fried Chicken Is Broaster 2.0

What if a machine invented in Beloit, WI, in 1954 is the key to a crisper future? Old tech meets new tech in the tiny fried chicken shop about to launch on 46th and Minnehaha Avenue. Official Fried Chicken is a new concept from Funky Grits creator Jared Brewington, and it just might be a game changer. You’ve […]

Best I Ever Ate? Broaster Chicken at Fleetwood in Springfield, IL.

I love doing my own version of Cooking Channel’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, because I don’t have to play by their rules and in this installment, I get to go back in time 40 years (and 300 plus miles), to a place that’s no longer around, but still makes me hungry for a […]

A Broaster Guide to Pressure Fryers

The role of a pressure fryer in the cooking process depends on the food being prepared, but in most cases, the goal of pressure frying is to ensure that moisture and flavor is sealed in while excess cooking oil is sealed out. It’s an effective method for preparing freshly breaded, and bone-in dishes where it’s […]