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ROCK COUNTY SMOKEHOUSE USES REAL WOOD TO SMOKE MEATS LIKE RIBS, CHICKEN, PULLED PORK OR BRISKET IN A THIRD OF THE TIME OF A CONVENTIONAL SMOKER. Broaster Company has launched its Rock County Smokehouse program, which enables operators to quickly and conveniently serve freshly smoked barbecue. Beloit, Wis.,-based Broaster has been manufacturing high-quality Pressure Fryers, a licensed branded program, delicious […]

Rock County Smokehouse Ribs

Broasted chicken is a Wisconsin invention

BELOIT – Confession: I’m a lifelong Wisconsinite who has long enjoyed Broasted chicken and long assumed Broasted was just a term we use in place of fried chicken.  Like bubbler instead of drinking fountain. Order Broasted chicken and you get this beautiful, golden, crunchy outside, juicy inside, slightly salty piece of poultry goodness. That’s fried chicken. […]

Genuine Broaster Chicken Food display


Usha Parekh was living and working as a travel agent in India’s State of Gujarat, when she received a shock from her then-husband, who announced he decided to leave her. In those days in India, Parekh said, even if a woman’s husband walked out on her, it was the woman who was frowned upon. Parekh […]

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