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Make Broaster Part of Your Brand

We get it — you’re hot stuff. You’re a food front-runner, a taste titan, a chomping champ, a luncheon leader. You make other restaurant owners quiver in their boots as you defy expectations, creating the type of dining experience that satisfies your customers completely —yet always leaves them craving more. But you’re also open to […]

Broaster chicken with Genuine Broaster Chicken logo on carving board

A Broaster Guide to Pressure Fryers

The role of a pressure fryer in the cooking process depends on the food being prepared, but in most cases, the goal of pressure frying is to ensure that moisture and flavor is sealed in while excess cooking oil is sealed out. It’s an effective method for preparing freshly breaded, and bone-in dishes where it’s […]

How To Go About Choosing a Pressure Fryer

With oil and labor prices on the rise, today’s pressure fryers offer an economical way to cook fried chicken and other comfort foods. We’ve all seen the mouthwatering TV commercials for one fried chicken fillet sandwich after another, as quick-service operators battle for a share of the market in the “chicken wars.” Meanwhile, operators ranging […]